The Liberal Democrats have secured a second council by-election win in less than a month tonight as the party secured its hold on Powys County Council ahead of next year’s General Election.

Raiff Devlin, a 27-year-old retained firefighter, building surveyor and prominent young farmer stormed to victory over the Conservatives in Talybont-on-Usk ward, becoming one of the youngest councillors in Powys.

The win for the Liberal Democrats cements their control over Powys Council ahead of an anticipated General Election next year, a development they state makes them the favourites to win the Brecon, Radnorshire and Cwm Tawe seat from the Conservatives.

The final results of the by-election in Talybont were 352 (52%) for the Liberal Democrats, 241 (34%) for the Conservatives and 83 (12%) for Liam Fitzpatrick (independent), 14 (2%) for David Markson (independent). The Liberal Democrat vote share increased by over 20% since the 2022 local elections.

The loss for the Conservatives comes following a heavy defeat in this month’s earlier by-election loss in Crickhowell, also located in the Brecon, Radnor and Cwm Tawe seat.

The fact that both by-elections were lost by heavy margins, with the Liberal Democrat vote share soaring, will likely set off alarm bells in Conservative campaign headquarters about their ability to win the parliamentary seat that has previously been a Lib Dem/Tory marginal.

Commenting on the by-election victory, Liberal Democrat Parliamentary Candidate Brecon, Radnorshire and Cwm Tawe for David Chadwick said:“Yet another amazing victory by the Liberal Democrats in Powys is great news for our campaign to win this seat back from the Conservatives at the next General Election. When I’ve been knocking on doors with Raiff and it is clear as the Powys night sky that the public is fed up with the Conservatives and their incompetence.

“These recent by-elections show that a vote for the Liberal Democrats is a vote to get rid of the Conservatives in Brecon, Radnorshire and Cwm Tawe.

Commenting following his victory newly elected Councillor Raiff Devlin said:“I’d like to thank everyone who voted today. Whoever you voted for, I will work extremely hard for you and to represent this unique community.

“Our rural areas are often forgotten about by both the UK Government and Welsh Government and I will be focusing on ensuring our voice is heard.”