As we are now into to the New Year, you may hear the sound of the church bells ringing writes Gwyn Sayce.

Have any of you thought of how this is achieved? Ringing in Britain has been going on for hundreds of years for various occasions.

There are six bells in the tower at Llantilio Pertholey Church, the youngest was cast in 1994 and the oldest dates back to 1540.

We are trying to recruit new bell ringers and would be glad to have you come to one of our practices to see how the ringing is done along with the above members of the band.

If you would like to see the bells I will be glad to show them to you.

In May 2023 there will be the Coronation of our new King Charles III. The Association of Bell Ringers has come up with the slogan of “Ring for the King”.

How nice it would be if we could recruit new members for this hobby.

We ring at Llantilio Pertholey Church for practices on Thursday evenings, 7:30 till 9 pm. New members will have to start instructions soon.

Please come along and have a go. There’s plenty of car parking just across the road from the church. Come in and you will be greeted and shown where to go.

If you are interested please contact Gwyn Sayce at: 01873856379