KEIRAN Gething looks back at Saturday night’s second professional boxing promotion at Abergavenny’s Market Hall, where he lost a tight clash with Sion Yaxley on points.

What was the atmosphere like at the Market Hall?

The whole event had a great feel, it came together quickly with a big push. It aesthetically looked better. Felt bigger and louder.

As a company (Shadowbox), how successful was the evening?

From a brand point of view, it’s done wonders, hopefully it’ll be the type of atmosphere they will come to expect at our shows!

How would you describe Yaxley as a fighter, was there anything that particularly surprised you?

I always felt Yaxley was a good fighter as I said throughout. But in my opinion, he was very negative and didn’t come to compete. But where the judges were handing him rounds for moving. I felt he would’ve been losing them by backing away so much!

At what point during the fight did you think you may be up against it?

I didn’t to be honest. I was completely confident in my mind that I was winning everything really. Even as watching the decision being come to by the MC. Our body languages expect a different outcome.

Do you think it was a fair decision based on points?

No, I don’t, I firmly believe I won, up to now, I’ve not watched it back and I hope I can change perspective, as then I’ll improve, but I can’t see it at the moment

Would a rematch be on the cards in the future?

Yeah, we will likely offer the rematch asap, up in Deeside when we get a date fixed. But it’ll be down to what they want.

How do you plan on bouncing back?

I’m bouncing back, fairly soon I think. Then it won’t be long until I get into another big fight, wherever that might be, but likely somewhere in Wales.

What is next on the agenda for both yourself and Shadowbox?

Llanelli is next, July 22, then we are looking at Swansea, Deeside and Newport as the next few venues as well as Cardiff! I’m going to also be fighting on July 22nd Llanelli card. Not got a confirmed opponent yet, but this will be worked on in the coming week.