WATCH out! the Welsh Regiment may be coming to Abergavenny with bayonets fixed…

Town councillors say they like the idea of offering the Freedom of the town to the Royal Welsh Regiment.

The suggestion was raised by last year’s mayor Councillor Martin Hickman who said the regiment already enjoyed the Freedom of Monmouthshire.

He felt a direct invite from the town would be an appropriate gesture.

The occasion, if it was accepted, could be marked with a ceremony in the town and the presentation of a special scroll.

His proposition was heartily supported by Councillor Chris Woodhouse.

“Local people who served with the regiment would be really pleased. We should write to the regiment and see what their response is,” he said.

He added, “It would be nice to see them march through the town with bayonets fixed so we could all show them our appreciation.”

Councillor Nick Tatam was a lone voice in expressing opposition to the scheme which he dismissed as ‘glorying in militarism.’

Councillor Chris Woodhouse fired back, “Jeremy Corbyn would be very proud of you!”