GREEN Man Festival has been named as the UK’s most sustainable festival, according to new data.

Wholesale packaging provider Packaging Online looked into the practices and policies of several major events and festivals in order to find the UK’s top five events for sustainability, with the festival near Crickhowell coming out on top.

The Glanusk Estate event, which takes place from August 18-22, has always had a green and eco-conscious focus. With its 100 per cent solar-powered Solar Stage, Green Man is the best festival for solar energy usage. It’s also the top festival for encouraging an eco-focused community culture, thanks to its recycling bag scheme encouraging festival-goers to recycle their campsite waste.

Some of their key sustainable activities include compostable packaging and no disposable plastics, solar and hydrogen power to the festival, and compost toilets in use on the site.

The festival also offsets its diesel usage - 2017 saw the festival offset 34,975 litres of its diesel usage.

No glitter is available at Green Man Festival to minimise microplastic waste.

Second place in the rankings saw a tie between the country’s biggest festival and the country’s biggest tennis tournament - Glastonbury and Wimbledon.

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