Following a string of incidents involving anti-social driving in Abergavenny, a gate has been installed at Fairfield car park to prevent drivers accessing the space at night.

Inspector Ioan Williams, of the Monmouthshire neighbourhood policing team, said: “We’ve received several reports regarding the anti-social use of cars centred around the Fairfield car park in Abergavenny.

“Officers have monitored this area and have issued a number of motorists with section 59 warnings, while one motorist was reported for driving without due care and attention.

“Following these reports, we’ve spoken to the owners of the car park who have agreed to rebuild a gate to prevent motorists from accessing the car park overnight.

“I would encourage anyone who witnesses the anti-social use of vehicles to report it to us by calling 101 or sending us a direct message on social media.”

This has led to some criticism online, as various locals are concerned that the issue will simply move to another location. A concerned resident said: "So you’ve created a way where the problem will just be moved to another location for you to deal with another day, and new resources needed to manage closing/opening the gate causing additional barriers for everyone else."