Farmers looking to upskill and grow their business now have 17 new offerings available through Farming Connect's training programme.

Farming Connect is now offering over 120 courses subsidised by up to 80% to registered individuals. You can choose from a wide range of short courses categorised under business, land, land – machinery and equipment, and livestock. These courses are delivered by a network of accredited training providers.

The training courses cover a wide range of topics from First Aid for Feet, Sheep Shearing and Safe use of Vet and Med through to business planning, first aid, food safety and IEMA Environmental Awareness Courses.

One of the new courses now offered is BASIS FACTS Fertiliser Advisors Certification and Training Scheme which covers best practices in fertiliser use and nutrient management, allowing candidates to advise on sustainable crop production that protects the environment and meets industry standards.

A one-day course on Dry Stone Walling will teach people the basics of dry-stone wall maintenance and construction. while another course added to the programme looks at Embracing Change and is designed to help people who find it hard to accept change.

Combining indoor learning with a site visit, the Introduction to Peatland Restoration course is designed to teach farmers and land managers about the importance of peatlands and how to manage them sustainably. The course will provide participants with the knowledge and skills they need to make informed decisions about peatland management on their land.

For those with an interest in fencing the Fencing and Gate Installation - Post and Strained Wire course will teach you how to safely install post and strained wire fencing. It covers the different types of fences, installation techniques, and safety practices. The course adapts to your experience level and includes both classroom learning and hands-on practice.

The one-day Health & Safety Awareness of Forestry and Woodland Operations for Landowners is designed to educate farmers and landowners on the legal and practical aspects of managing forestry work. The course covers the role and responsibilities of a Forest Works Manager, health and safety regulations, hazard identification and risk mitigation, contractor selection, project planning, worksite supervision, and promoting a safety-first culture. By undertaking this course, farmers and landowners can gain the knowledge and skills necessary to ensure safe and compliant forestry operations on their land.

Other new courses include Drone Use and Techniques in Agriculture, Digital Marketing Planning & Using Digital Tools, Understanding and using MTD Making Tax Digital software, Elite Wool Industry Training UK - beginners and advanced shearing courses and Level 2 Welfare of Animals in Transport.

For more information on these training courses visit or contact your Local Development Officer or the Farming Connect Service Centre on 03456 000 813.