A local resident bore witness to a truly magical sight, as she spotted a starling murmuration whilst leaving the Leisure Centre in Abergavenny.

Around 4.30pm on 31st January, Claire was shocked to see thousands of birds swooping and diving in unison, in what can only be compared to an aerial stunt show.

According to the RSPB, the amount of birds that will flock together will only increase as the weeks go on, and the number of starlings in a roost can swell to around 100,000 in some places. This is largely due to safety in numbers as predators would find it difficult to target one bird.

On her sighting, a delighted Claire said: "I was completely spellbound at the beauty of the murmuration. It is the second one I have seen, and the first one here in Abergavenny. It really did feel magical, more starlings were joining and it kept increasing in size, you could actually hear the sound of their wings as they flew nearby, it was just incredible... really was a moment in time, I won't forget and I'm so glad I captured it on my phone "

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Video Credit: Claire Amesbury