Welsh Wine Week has returned for its fourth consecutive year, cementing itself as an unmissable event that every wine enthusiast has marked on their calendar.

From May 24- June 2, vineyards and wine producers in Wales invite guests from both within the country and beyond, to experience the offerings of its thriving wine industry

Beyond tasting the finest wine Wales has to offer, Welsh Wine Week also gives visitors the opportunity to appreciate the hard work and dedication that Welsh winemakers contribute.

It typically takes three years for newly planted vineyards to produce grapes that can be used to make their first wines. This waiting period is crucial for developing the quality and characteristics of Welsh wines.

There are quality wines right on the doorsteps of Monmouthshire locals, with shining examples being White Castle Vineyard in Abergavenny and The Dell Vineyard, which is based in Raglan.

Although halfway through Wine Week, there are still an abundance of events and activities on offer at these local vineyards, including wine tasting, picnics and tours.

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