The Makers crafts gallery is back, showcasing new and established makers from Wales and the Borders.

Tonight (January, 25), locals are invited to enjoy the talent of 32 makers, many of whom are local to the area.

The Makers crafts gallery was first introduced last year by Emma Bevan-Henderson, however this a long time in the making.

"It happened six years ago," Emma recalled "I run artisan markets and had often thought about how to display Makers' work whilst not at an event... and the idea of curating a gallery was born!"

Indeed, the gallery was met with an extremely warm welcome from residents - hence its imminent return.

Craft Gallery
(Emma Bevan-Henderson)

"We were blown away by the response, it was packed all evening! Everyone enjoyed the complimentary wine and many guests bought work from their favourite Makers, which was a huge boost to our confidence."

This year, visitors can once again expect complimentary drinks, a 10% discount on certain items, and the opportunity to sign up to a mailing list, where you can access news about future workshops and events.

Makers Craft Gallery
(Emma Bevan-Henderson)

On what the gallery brings to the community, Emma shared: "We are really proud that several visitors have told us that “this is exactly what Abergavenny needs!” - we have authentic, locally made creations, with a very wide price range to suit all budgets, and many of our regulars come back regularly, knowing they will find quality wares, and they’re hasn’t that they are supporting locals too."

The Makers crafts gallery will be taking place at Lulworth House, Monk Street NP7 5NP, this evening. No tickets required, as visitors are free to come between the hours of 5pm to 8pm.