Whether it’s a road trip staycation or a jet-setting adventure, researching and planning your holiday beforehand is one of the best ways to ensure a smooth and stress-free vacation.

This advice rings even truer when it comes to holidaying with your pets in tow.

Holidaymaker demand for pet-friendly destinations has soared in recent years; in 2021, Airbnb reported a 65% increase in searches for pet-friendly holiday lets on the site.

With this in mind,Petplan wanted to find out: where are the best places to holiday with your pets?

By analysing more than 70,000 reviews of destinations specifically from pet-owning holidaymakers, Petplan reveals which locations are rated most highly to take a furry friend away on a break.

And in Wales Monmouthshire ranks as the best destination for holidaymakers with pets with 83 per cent of highly-rated reviews.

Each destination is ranked on having the highest percentage of reviews that measure between 7 and 10 out of 10 in Great Britain and around the world.

  • Herefordshire is the best place in England to go on holiday with your pet with 88% of highly-rated reviews from pet owners.
  • Perth and Kinross is the best location in Scotland for holidaying with pets (85.3% of highly-rated reviews). 
  • Pet owners ranked The Scottish Highlands as having the best restaurants (93%), Cheshire as having the best quality rooms (100%), and Cumbria as having the best views (83%).