The Abergavenny Young People’s Eisteddfod, hosted at King Henry VIII’s School hall, was a vibrant celebration of the talent and creativity of Primary School pupils from Abergavenny and surrounding areas.

The event, which took place over the course of a day, was the culmination of months of hard work by both the competitors and the organising committee, resulting in a spectacular display of music, song, dance, literature, and art.

From the early hours of the morning, the hall was filled to capacity, with standing room only for much of the event. Mrs. Melanie Smallwood, the compère, played a crucial role in calming the nerves of the young performers as they took to the stage.

Competitors were divided into two age groups: the first comprising Years 1, 2, and 3, and the second consisting of Years 4, 5, and 6. Many of these young performers had already successfully navigated the preliminary rounds held earlier in the week. Concurrently, the Lower School preliminaries, featuring students aged 12 to 15, took place, adjudicated by Chris Lovegrove and Eleanor Farncomb.

The event saw a panel of esteemed adjudicators who were thoroughly impressed by the level of talent on display. Darya Brill-Williams and Jonathon Gulliford evaluated instrumental and vocal performances, Lynne Smith judged recitation and sight reading, and Sharon Howells, alongside Alice, assessed the dance competitions.

Off-stage, the Eisteddfod also received exceptional entries in photography, adjudicated by Rob Withey, literature by Eirwen Williams, and art by Jan Thomas. Prize-winners in these categories were honoured with awards presented by Town Councillor Anne Wilde at the end of the morning's stage competitions.

Looking back on the event, former Mayor of Abergavenny, Cllr Anne said: “There was a high level of talent and the children clearly enjoyed taking part. It was also good to hear Welsh poetry sung and spoken.

“The children were well supported by their parents. Some children were due to take part in a national competition so this was good practice.”

Refreshments for competitors, audience members, and organisers were generously provided throughout the day by Clwb Gwawr Y Fenni, ensuring that everyone remained energised and hydrated.

The afternoon session of the Eisteddfod continued to impress, featuring high-caliber competitions in singing, instrumental performances, and dance. The audience was treated to an array of outstanding talent, making for a truly memorable experience.

All participants in the Primary competitions were awarded medals and written adjudications, while the Senior Competitors received monetary prizes along with their adjudications.

Rosemary Williams extended heartfelt thanks to all the schools, competitors, parents, carers, and attendees who made the Eisteddfod a success. In her closing remarks, she said, "Diolch yn fawr. Without this support, the Eisteddfod would not be such a success. It’s an opportunity for all to showcase their talents in the Arts. Thanks also to the Town Council for their continued support. We look forward to next year’s Eisteddfod."

The Abergavenny Young People’s Eisteddfod not only highlighted the remarkable talents of young individuals but also brought the community together in a shared celebration of the arts. As the final notes played and the last award was given, there was a palpable sense of anticipation for what next year’s Eisteddfod would bring.

The event showcased the talent of young pupils in Monmouthshire (Rosemary WIlliams)
Comprehensive pupils also took part - showing their incredible talents. (Rosemary Williams )

Results: On Stage

Solo Voice Yrs 1, 2, 3: 1st. Amelia Parker. 2nd. Aria Briteau. Solo Rec. Welsh Learners. 1st. Amelia Parker. Instrumental and piano.Yrs 1, 2, 3: 1st. Jujnzi Huang .2nd. Harriet. Solo Rec.Yrs 4, 5, 6: 1st. Ellis Jones. 2nd. Dewi. 3rd. Becka. Solo Dance Yrs 3-6: 1st. Lily May. 2nd. Daisy Badman. Solo Voice Yrs. 4, 5, 6: 1st. Amelie. 2nd. Dewi. 3rd. Roxani. Instrumental and piano Yrs 4, 5, 6: 1st. Rachel. 2nd. Ellis. 3rd Iwan. Rec.Welsh Learners Yrs. 4, 5, 6: 1st. Daisy. Group Folk Dance Yrs 4, 5, 6: 1st. Ysgol Gymraeg Y Fenni GroupRec Yrs 4, 5, 6: 1st Ysgol Gymraeg Y Fenni. 2nd. LlanAlio Pertholey. 3rd. Phoebe’s Group. Unison Choir: 1st Ysgol Gymraeg Y Fenni. 2nd Goytre Primary. 3rd Cantref Primary.

Results: Upper School

Solo Voice 11-14yrs: 1st. Beca Jones. 2nd Daniel Stockham. 3rd Violet Bodenham. Free Dance: 1st Dance Beat One. 2nd Dance Beat Two. 3rd Ammeline Breteau. Rec. Eng or Welsh: 1st Dewi Harvey. Open Instrumental: 1st Daniel Keevil. 2nd Macsen Jones. 3rd Beca Jones. Reading at first sight: 1st Emma Richardson. Instrumental vocal ensemble: 1st Violet and Cody. 2nd Macsen and Eli.

Results: Off Stage

Photography: Yrs 1-2: 1st Alana Watson. 2nd Rhys Brown. 3rd Emily Green. Yrs 3-4: 1st Rachel Green. 2nd Ben Jones. 3rd Jack RuLer. Yrs 5-6: 1st Isla Morgan. 2nd Maisie Haigh. 3rd Lewis Davies. Yrs 7-9: 1st Urgent Jones. 2nd Rosie Hodges-Rosen. Fantasy Story Yrs.3-4: 1st Archie Pumford. 2nd Willow Meats. 3rd Prasan Neupane. Yrs.5-6: 1st Leon Williams. 2nd Molly Williams. 3rd Tom Calcoly.

Art: Reception: 1st Iris Norman. 2nd Isabelle. Joint 3rd Amelia and Havana. Yrs 1-2: 1st Layla Faith Stevenson. Joint 2nd Bella and Amelia. 3rd Daniel. Yrs 3-4: Joint 1st Mia and Alba. 2nd Ollie. Joint 3rd Millicent and Phoebe Yrs 5-6: 1st Imogen. Joint 2nd Jake and Zac. Joint 3rd Ahmed and Freddie. Yrs 7-9: 1st Urien. 2nd Millie and Chloe. 3rd Lily Ann and Martha. Story Writing Results: Yrs 3-4: 1st Anwyn. 2nd Isabella. 3rd.Alfie. Yrs 5-6: 1st Abi. 2nd Taylor. 3rd Jessica. Yrs 7-9: 1st Lucy. 2nd Megan. 3rd Junior. Welsh Poetry - Barddoniaeth. Bl 5-6: 1af. Elis. Bl 7-9: 1af Carwyn. 2ail Harri. 3ydd Carmela.

Welsh story Results: Bl7-9: 1af Paul. 2ail Kayla May. 3ydd Thea-Billie.

Next it will be the adults’ turn, as the annual Abergavenny Eisteddfod is due to make its much anticipated return.

The event will be held on Saturday, June 29 in the Methodist Chapel, Castle Street, Abergavenny.

Stage and literary competitions in Welsh and English are held with generous prizes for the winners. Prelims for the stage competitions will be held during the day in the chapel and the finalists will compete in the grand concert at 7pm.

Ahead of the event, a spokesperson from the Eisteddfod said: “We welcome competitors from all over Wales but we would be delighted to have more from our local area – we know there are talented people out there so how about giving it a go?

“Rydym yn croesawu cystadleuwyr dros Gymru gyfan, ond byddai yn hyfryd cael rhagor o gystadleuwyr lleol o'r Fenni a'r cyffiniau – rydym yn gwybod fod y dalent yna felly beth amdani?”

For more information please visit or contact Rosemary Williams on 01873 811814 / 07929 609689 or Helen Middleton 01873 890388 / 07949 693109