Coleg Gwent are taking a stand against racism by signing the Race council Cymru’s Zero Racism Wales pledge to support the move towards Wales becoming a more inclusive nation.

The college strive to create a place where everyone can be themselves and feel safe, valued, and included.

In line with Welsh Government’s aspiration for an antiracist Wales by 2030, Coleg Gwent now stands in solidarity with 1500 other pledgers to say no to all forms of racism. 

The college will promote a zero tolerance to racism by: Taking a stand against racism and promoting a more inclusive and equal society for all, not tolerating racial prejudice, discrimination, harassment, victimisation, abuse, or violence against any individual, standing in solidarity, coming together, and saying no to racism, in all its forms, promoting good race relations between people from diverse ethnic backgrounds and promoting equal and fair opportunities for people from diverse ethnic backgrounds. 

Postive action is already underway to make the college more inclusive, and to promote equality, diversity, and inclusion among students and staff. By bringing in a dedicated Diversity, Inclusion and Wellbeing Manager.

Nkechi Allen Dawson, Diversity, Inclusion and Wellbeing Manager at Coleg Gwent, said: 

“In line with the Welsh Government’s Anti-racist Wales action plan for further education, the College is committed to providing anti-racism training for all staff by 2023.

“I’m also leading the year-long ‘Be You’ campaign to share stories, celebrate one another, and develop an inclusive language toolkit to help build trust by giving staff a vocabulary of respect.” 

Some other key equality, diversity, and inclusion initiatives in the college include: Introducing affinity networks for staff and encouraging student support groups, celebrating key awareness days, weeks, and months, delivering staff training and talks on diverse topics to achieve cultural competency and introducing pronoun pins for students and staff. 
As part of Black History Month this October, the college has invited a guest speaker, Nelly Adam from Race Council Cymru, to deliver a talk for students. 

She will discuss steps that can be taken to move forward as anti-racism is embedded in the college, highlighting examples of what can be done by individuals to push the dial on achieving a more anti-racist society.  

For more information about Coleg Gwent’s ongoing work towards equality, diversity, and inclusion, and find out more about the Zero Racism Wales campaign at