IF you are fed up of the festive fare of television Christmas specials and granny monopolising the Monopoly board and cheating at charades, why not take a few minutes to show off about just how well you know Abergavenny and what’s happened in the town over the past year by trying your hand at our unseasonably tricky Christmas quiz.

Each day over the holiday we’ll be putting a new set of questions online along with the answers of the previous day’s puzzlers.

Today test your knowledge of current affairs with a set of questions about who and what entertained Abergavenny this year - good luck!

1. Which company won the A4B award for best amateur production at the Borough Theatre?

2. Which Mr Selfridge actor dropped in to meet staff at an Abergavenny florists?

3. Which annual event takes place at Bailey Park over the Spring Bank Holiday weekend?

4. How long was it since the National Eisteddfod last visited Abergavenny?

5. Which well known local attraction was closed as a result of strike action by its staff?

6. Which well known actor lent his support to the fight against the closure of the Special Needs Resource Base at Deri View School?

7. How much did local fundraisers raise in support of the National Eistedddod

8. Which popular group performed at the opening concert of the National Eisteddfod?

9. Which local venues appeared on an edition of Rhod Gilbert’s Work Experience

10. Which Great British Bake Off contestant made a surprise appearance at Abergavenny Food Festival?

Check tomorrow’s quiz for the answers to today’s questions.

The answers to yesterday’s quiz -


Nick Ramsay

Chris Woodhouse

By late 2017

The ‘Jungle’ refugee camp in Calais

A mezzanine floor

The state of the town’s public toilets

Wales Air Ambulance and Velindre Cancer Care

She resigned as Lib Dem leader