IF you are fed up of the festive fare of television Christmas specials and granny monopolising the Monopoly board and cheating at charades, why not take a few minutes to show off about just how well you know Abergavenny and what’s happened in the town over the past year by trying your hand at our unseasonably tricky Christmas quiz.

Each day over the holiday we’ll be putting a new set of questions online along with the answers of the previous day’s puzzlers.


In round one test your knowledge of the political scene and what has been going on the local and national stage

1. Which honorary burgess died suddenly in January?

2. Which leading politician visited the Royal Welsh Show’s Winter Fair?

3. How did the Conservative Party’s LGBT group descrive David Davies’s view on transgender issues?

4. Why did Chepstow’s ‘plastic free’ banner court controversy?

5. Which ‘at-risk mollusc’ did Nick Ramsay AM declare his love for?

6. What change to road signs did David Davies MP call for?

7. Who ordered David Davies off Sky News for ‘patronising comments’?

8. PCC Jeff Cuthbert suggested what percentage rise in the police precept to deal with budget cuts?

9. How much will it cost to re-enter Wales via the Severn Crossings from January?

10. Which councils had ministers planned to merge with Monmouthshire?

11. How many homes did Raglan campaigners oppose the development of?

12. Who is taking over from Carwyn Jones as First Minister of Wales?

13. What ‘Orwellian’ items were Gwent Police officers issued with?

14. What is the white poppy said to symbolise?