MONMOUTH MP David Davies has called on MCC to clarify a press story suggesting that local public toilets could become gender neutral saying that the story could have come from an ‘off the wall suggestion’ being taken out of context by the media.

The MP, who is also Welsh Secretary said that since the news broke he has been contacted by women with “grave concerns” about the possibility of having to share toilets or changing spaces with people who are biologically male.

AN MP is seeking clarity from Monmouthshire County Council after press articles suggested male and female signs could be removed to make toilets “gender neutral”.

It was reported LGBTQ+ champion Cllr Ian Chandler has called for the authority to start thinking about how it could have facilities that are accessible to people of all gender identities.

But Monmouth MP David Davies said women are contacting him with “grave concerns” about the possibility of having to share toilets or changing spaces with people who are biologically male.

“These are only reports in the local newspapers and it is perhaps an off the wall suggestion which has been taken out of context,” said Mr Davies.

“I want to make it clear that the council should clearly oppose discrimination against any groups, including the transgender community.

“But I do not think creating gender neutral toilets by removing male and female signs is the right thing to do.

“I have heard from women who tell me they would feel extremely vulnerable having to share toilets or changing facilities with people who are biologically male. Sadly, they are too frightened to speak out for fear of being labelled “phobic” in some way.”

Mr Davies said he has asked for urgent assurances from Monmouthshire County Council that women’s rights to single sex facilities will be protected.

“Spaces such as toilets and changing rooms need to be safeguarded and there should be no question of ever forcing women to share facilities with biological males,” he said.

“Unfortunately, I fear there may be some people who are not part of the transgender community that would perhaps see this as an opportunity to behave inappropriately towards women.

“I would have thought the natural solution if there is demand for gender neutral toilets is to have locations where some facilities can be used by anyone but to keep women’s toilets separate.

“Cllr Chandler has emailed to say he has been misrepresented by the press and the headlines used were inaccurate. I would welcome urgent clarity about this from him and the council as to what changes, if any, are being planned.”