Bells were rung at many churches for the 80th anniversary of the D-Day landings to honour those who made the ultimate sacrifice and those who accompanied them.

Those who rang at Clifford also remembered Frederick J Watkins, a member of the local band who was killed in the Second World War. Jones had rung peals conducted by J P Hyett at Clifford, Glasbury and on the difficult bells at Clyro.

The photos above and below show the Clifford ringers and clergyman of the 1930s and six of those who rang the bells on the 80th anniversary of D-Day.

The Clifford ringers and clergyman of the 1930s were, back row, left to right: Teddy Jones, Dennis Sharples, Rev Mr Thomas, William Beaver, James P Hyett. Front row, l to r: Jim Goode, Frederick J Watkins, Tom Beaver, Jim Carless.

The Clifford band from the 1930s (Supplied)

Six of the 80th anniversary band, photographed by Alison Alcock: Howard Jones, Roger Bowen, Rachel Jones, Colin Lewis, Rhod Preece, Alec Edwards.

After a day of celebrations the D-Day Beacon was also lit at Brecon in line with the rest of the country