The Campaign for the Protection of Rural Wales (CPRW) has welcomed the proposals put forward by Monmouthshire MS, Peter Fox, which seeks to strengthen Wales’ food strategy, increase food security, benefit producers, and ensure a sustainable future for both food producers and the environment.

The Food (Wales) Bill, introduced by Peter Fox MS, is seeking to introduce a more sustainable food system in Wales. CPRW strongly supports the aims of the proposed Bill, as a more joined up food strategy for Wales is desperately needed, but it believes the proposed legislation could and should do more to deliver a sustainable future for both food producers, their rural communities, and the environment.

Commenting on the proposed legislation, a spokesperson for CPRW said: “There is a need for this and other more robust legislation to combat food wastage, excessive packaging, and better management of waste by-products in the production of goods and the raising of livestock.

“More action is required to ensure that we safeguard our food supply for the future, regulate buying policies for large produce buyers to minimise waste, minimise packaging, respect the physical environment, and uphold animal and waste management best practice standards.”

“The Welsh Government has not demonstrated that its current strategies for food are joined up or coherent. If the scope of this Bill is already within the purview of the Minister and the Welsh Government, as they claim, it is difficult to understand why these proposals are not already being implemented.”

CPRW also believes that the proposed Bill should be strengthened to include better food labelling, cut down on excessive food packaging, and make it harder for food buyers to refuse aesthetically imperfect products to reduce food waste.

“There is a lot more work needed to ensure a sustainable future for our food producers and the environment, this Bill will be a substantial step in that direction, but we need do so much more!

“More action is needed to combat the causes and effects of climate change, increase biodiversity and protect Welsh agricultural soils from inappropriate management and land use change.” said a CPRW spokesperson.

The Food (Wales) Bill is currently out for consultation (closes 16.09.2022) before it will have to face a vote in the Senedd to see if it will proceed to committee stage.