Local business owners have revamped a well-known store on Abergavenny’s high street, in the hope to become a one-stop interior shop for the town.  

Hillscott Ltd focuses on natural and sustainable materials that are cost friendly, whilst maintaining the friendly service that residents have been accustomed to over the last forty years.  

Prior to their purchase of the store, Jo and Hugo Scott-Lowe of Hillscott Ltd had an established relationship with former owner Eddie Hatherall.  

Having worked under Eddie as a teenager; Hugo had learnt and developed his trade before going on to open his own business with his wife, Jo. Throughout this time, the couple continued to maintain contact with Eddie; forming a “fantastic relationship”.  

With a successful few years under their belt and two shops in their name, the couple hoped to further expand. The perfect opportunity arose when Eddie decided to sell the shop to them – a return to Hugo’s “roots”.  

In taking on the business, it was important to new owners: Hugo, Jo and their partner, Jonathan Hill, to maintain the relationships that Eddie had built with the town and the quality of service he always prided himself on.  

Director of Hillscott Projects, Jo said: “While many customers will see a definitive change when they come into the store, people can continue to expect friendliness when they walk through the door and the whole service from beginning to end.  

“There are still familiar faces here, including Eddie’s son Geraint, who is a valuable part of our team. People should come here for the family and local business aspect. There will be a person looking after you from beginning to end.  

Geraint Aber store
Geraint Hatherall at Hillscott Ltd (Hillscott Ltd)

“We show up when we say we’re going to show up. We do a clean-up service after the job is done, leaving the space perfect. We’re with you from start to finish. You can come here now to decorate your whole house.” 

Jo went on to address the noticeable but positive change that seasoned customers will see on entering the Frogmore Street store.  

“Since taking over in November of last year, we have streamlined everything and have reworked it to add a fresh, expanding, upcoming element to it. People will notice the change of layout as soon as they walk into the store.” 

Hillscott Ltd is known for stocking a wide selection of flooring, including carpet (all wool, 80/20 wool blends, sisal and seagrass), solid and engineered wood, sheet, LVT luxury vinyl tiles and traditional linoleum, which is completely natural.  

As well as this, they are proud to offer a design stage of the process, where someone can discuss the needs of those looking to give their home a refresh. With expert knowledge, the local business prides itself on ensuring its customer’s needs are met. 

“We look forward to welcoming customers new and old, there is something for everyone here.”

Hillscott Ltd is located on Frogmore Street, Abergavenny