Monmouthshire County Council is seeking views on two potential walking, cycling and wheeling routes between Usk and Little Mill/Mamhilad.

The current pedestrian route between Usk and Little Mill is alongside the A472, which in places narrows significantly and cyclists need to use the road. Potential alternative routes have been identified, as either an upgrade to the existing footway or along sections of the disused railway.

Here are a few of the reasons why a new route for those walking, wheeling or cycling is needed:

• Provide a direct, coherent, comfortable and attractive walking and cycling network suitable for all users;

• Increase levels of sustainable access to education, employment health and other key services;

• Improve actual and perceived safety of all users;

• Increase the number of people walking and cycling between Usk, Little Mill and Mamhilad/New Inn;

• Reduce car dependency and car use for short trips through a modal shift; and

• Reduce the negative impacts of transport on the natural and built environment (i.e., improve air quality, improve public realm, provide sustainable drainage infrastructure, etc.) 

One route option is alongside the A472: Although space is limited in several locations, improvements along the current highway corridor have been identified to provide a shared use route. This would be a widening of the current pavement in several locations and improved crossing facilities.

The other option being consulted on is an off-road Greenway route: Linking in from a crossing at Usk Island, a ramp would be installed to the disused railway, this would be surfaced to a compliant standard. The middle portion of the route would need to run alongside the A472 on a shared use path and then re-join the railway when land allows. The route would then re-join the road network at Little Mill, or the possibility of joining into Mamhilad.

If you would like to find out more and complete the consultation survey visit by 5pm on Monday 26th June, 2023.