Welsh Conservatives have hit out at the Labour Government for pressing ahead with plans to introduce what they call a ‘toxic tourism tax’ for Wales.

Wales’ Minister for Finance and Local Government, Rebecca Evans, has today (Thursday) confirmed that plans for a ‘Tourism Tax’ in Wales are proceeding and legislation enabling local authorities to introduce a levy in their areas will be put to the Senedd within this Government term.

The levy will be a small charge paid by people staying in commercially-let overnight visitor accommodation.

Local authorities will decide whether to introduce a levy and the funds raised will be used to benefit local areas.

Responding to the Welsh Government’s announcement that they will be proceeding with a Welsh tourism tax, Welsh Conservative Shadow Minister for Tourism, Tom Giffard MS, said: “Nothing says welcome to Wales more than Labour announcing they will be pressing ahead with their toxic tourism tax as families gear up for the Easter holidays.

“As ever the devil is in the detail with these consultations and we know that it is unlikely the proceeds would be used to improve local tourism economies, in fact Adam Price said it would be used for other vanity projects, so it’s highly likely our local communities won’t see any benefit.

“Tourism supports 1 in 7 jobs in Wales enabling people to pay council tax, helping to tackle the issues that Labour claim a tourism tax would fix.

“The Labour Government should be working with the industry to boost this vital sector instead of taking a sledgehammer to crack a nut.”

Proposals for a visitor levy have been progressed through Welsh Government’s Co-operation agreement with Plaid Cymru.