This morning in Abergavenny, it will be cloudy with a temperature of 18°C.

Moving into the afternoon, conditions will change to sunny spells, maintaining the same temperature of 18°C.

Tomorrow morning, the sun will continue to shine with a slight increase in temperature to 20°C.

By afternoon, the temperature will remain the same under the sunny sky.

Looking ahead to the next few days, the forecast shows a trend of cloudy skies with sunny periods.

The temperature will range from a cool 12°C in the early hours, gradually warming up to a high of 18°C by midday.

The next day, the morning starts at the same cool 12°C, warming up to 22°C in the afternoon under partly cloudy skies.

For the day after, the temperature will fluctuate between a cool 14°C in the morning to a warmer 20°C in the afternoon with a mix of cloud and sun.

Clear skies will prevail in the evenings with temperatures dropping slightly.

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