Dri Pak has issued a recall for two of its salt products, the Dri Pak Table Salt and East & West Cooking Salt. Investigations revealed that these products may contain small fragments of plastic, rendering them unsafe for consumption. The affected products are prominently stocked in Home Bargains as well as East & West retailers.

Affected products include: Dri Pak Table Salt (750g), batch codes 3205 and 3206; and East & West Cooking Salt (1.5kg), batch codes 3201 and 3202.

All consumers are warned about the potential presence of plastic in these products, which can be hazardous if ingested.

In response to this safety concern, Dri Pak is not only recalling the above-mentioned products but has also initiated the display of point of sale notices in all stores that offer these salts. These notices provide detailed information about the recall, guiding consumers on the steps to follow if they have purchased the affected items.

For those who may have already bought these products, the Food Standards Agency strongly advises against their consumption. It is recommended that they be promptly returned to the purchase point for a complete refund. Those seeking more information or clarification can reach out directly to Dri Pak through their email at [email protected].