Abergavenny Town Council has recently achieved cross-party support on its annual budget setting for residents for 2023/24 writes Counillor Kyle Eldridge.

Coinciding with the current work that is currently being done on Monmouthshire County Council’s budget, Abergavenny Town Council has been hard at work for the residents of Abergavenny and surrounding areas, local businesses and community groups in creating a robust budget for them during the cost of living crisis; a period that is having a detrimental affect on many in the community.

This has been achieved through the engagement between the town council and various stakeholders including local businesses, councillors of different political parties, and county council cabinet members, all of whom play a crucial role in the success and achievement of finding a tangible way forward for the town at this most difficult time.

Although the town council’s precept has not changed a great deal (£573,086 is the precept set for 23/24), special provisions has been made to protect and even grow vital services that are a pillar of Abergavenny life, such as mental health projects for young people to assisting the organisation of major events such as the Christmas light switch on.

Furthermore, the day-to-day necessities of Abergavenny life have recently received an equal amount of attention including the dog waste collections, keeping the town safe through the CCTV provision (partnering with stakeholders such as Gwent Police and the 7Corners Centre) and keeping Abergavenny attractive with their Abergavenny in Bloom drive.

Abergavenny Town Council hopes to work with and for the people of Abergavenny to reassure them that their needs come first and foremost, as illustrated by a spokesperson from Abergavenny Town Council:“It is extremely important that despite the difficult situation there was unanimous support to maintain and even grow some services to Abergavenny.”

Additionally, a resident from Abergavenny shares on the outcome of the budget from their perspective and what it means for the town going forward as a unit during the times ahead.

Abergavenny Community Centre Manger, Marion Pearse said: “As a small local charity, led by residents, the Abergavenny Community Centre depends on a diverse mix of funding and skills to sustain its core activities.

“After achieving charitable status and a 25-year lease on the former Park Street Infant School, the Town Council entered a Partnership Agreement in 2019 which gives the Community Trust a vital annual contribution of £10K a year.”