NHS staff were given a little light relief this morning from the uphill battle which faces them all when Abergavenny’s Morrisons opened its doors at 7am,so those who work to take care of others could get a few essentials in before the start of another hectic day.

NHS staff were met with a little survival pack of milk and juice upon entering and the simple act of kindness went a long way to boosting morale amongst the shoppers

Lisa Hancock was one of many who took the opportunity to go shopping and explained how uplifting it was to see so many of our NHS colleagues in the store at the same time.

In a Facebook post on Abergavenny Voice, Lisa explained:"Wow, huge thank-you this morning to Morrisons in Abergavenny for opening at 7am for NHS staff.

"Upon entering the store I was met with a little survival pack of milk and juice. On walking around the store it was great to see so many of my NHS colleagues shopping before they all go off to do their various jobs.

"The store was calm, organised and pretty well stocked of daily items. However, I didn’t look at toilet roll because I don’t need it and thought I would it leave it for someone who does genuinely does require it.

"Upon leaving the store I was then given a bouquet of flowers, a thank you, and look after yourself from Sam.I felt like a celebrity waking out.

"I want to say to everyone working in the NHS, be they Porters, lab staff, domestic and catering staff, or doctors, nurses, and anyone else on the neverending list. We’re all doing a great job. It’s a huge team effort by everyone. Give yourself a pat on the back because nobody else can at this time. Stay safe and I’m sure we’ll see each other on the shop floor at Morrisons later in the week."