AN ABERGAVENNY man is outraged following claims that his legally-owned weapons were handed in as part of a recent Gwent Police gun amnesty and states they were, in fact, seized from his property against his will.

Alan Williams of Poplars Close, Mardy, alleges the weapons were taken following a ‘family altercation’ and that the fact they were legally held was ignored.

One of the weapons, a de-activated MG42 German machine gun of World War Two vintage, is valued by Mr Williams at £1,700 with the accompanying strap and tripod also worth several hundred pounds each.

The Chronicle reported last week how Abergavenny had topped the table of weapons seized in the Gwent Police force area with twenty-six weapons surrendered.

However, Mr Williams alleges that, in addition to his machine gun, officers also took six rifles and 1,000 rounds of ammunition from his home.

‘I have held certificates since 1968 with my current one valid since 2009. Four of the rifles were mine and two were being kept securely for a friend. All were licensed and properly stored’, stated Mr Williams.

The rifles, of 7.92mm and 7.62mm calibre, were taken by police on a visit to Mr William’s home following a dispute with relatives in which a scuffle allegedly took place.

‘I told the police I had no intention of pursuing the matter and that anyway the machine gun was deactivated. I said to the officer, “You can’t take that, it’s not a viable weapon” but they responded, “We can take what we like.” stated Mr Williams.

Mr Williams now fears the weapons will be destroyed or allowed to deteriorate. He told the Chronicle, ‘The MG42 is a rare and irreplaceable antique, there can’t be more than half a dozen in the country.’

‘The police have assured me the gun will be returned, I have informed my solicitor and am now awaiting a response,’ said Mr Williams.