Abergavenny couple Mel and Vera Hughes are proudly celebrating their Platinum wedding Anniversary (70 years) today (Tuesday March 29 2022).

They have both lived in Abergavenny for their married life.

After two years of happy marriage they extended their family and welcomed Clive and Cheryl, their son and daughter.

They have dedicated a lot of their lives to the community within Abergavenny, say their family

Since they retired, they became involved with the borough theatre and volunteered as stewards for many years.

They’ve certainly seen a lot of shows, they’re keen fans of musical theatre, and Mel often plays a variety of songs on the organ at home.

People often ask them what the secret to a happy marriage is, and their advice remains unchanged.

“You’ve got to stick at it. Stand by each other, always. Take the rough with the smooth, and as long as you’ve got one another, you can take on anything”.

Mel and Vera will mark this wonderful milestone by celebrating with friends and family.