THE JOINT venture of the three twinning associations

of Ostringen, Beaupreau and Sarno celebrating the

40th, 20th and tenth anniversaries eventually

happened on the weekend.

After 15 months of planning, over 100 German

visitors travelling by air, sea and over land and over

200 French visitors.

During the course of the weekend for the

Abergavenny, Ostringen 40th anniversary a

monument was presented to Abergavenny which

stands in Linda Vista Gardens. It was transported and

erected all the way from Germany by the sculptor.

The main day of the weekend incorporated the

town carnival on Saturday included impromptu

performances by German and French dancers.

On Friday evening there was a very successful

concert held in St Mary's Church with participation

from our twin towns and from our own town

Eisteddfod winners who represented Abergavenny

very highly.

The official ceremony and dinner was held at the

leisure centre while the younger members enjoyed

themselves at the Abergavenny Thursdays club with a

BBQ and disco all culminating with an excellent

firework display.

Sunday evening was the final event of the

weekend, a ceilidh was held in the Market Hall

attended by several hundred people.

Both Katherine Jordan and Andre Arkell would

like to thank all those who took part to ensure that

this joint celebration of the twinning was successful

and all the people of Abergavenny who contributed to

the festival of twinning.

At the dinner it was also announced that the

reciprocal celebration at Ostringen will take place in

2010 while Beaupreau will take place in May 2009.

Andre Arkell of the Abergavenny Twinning

Festival Committee said, "We recognise the maximum

by way of a grant from European Union for this event

and that other funds has paid for the event."