MISINFORMATION about bus timetables will now hopefully become a thing of the past thanks to the new digital announcement board that has greeted visitors to Abergavenny’s Bus Station this month like a shiny sculpted vision of a brighter future.

The introduction of this top technology which has many locals scratching their heads and sighing in amazement at the “things they can now do” has created quite a stir.

No longer will users of the public transport system be forced to rely on faded and outdated timetable print-outs trapped behind glass like butterflies from a lost continent. Nor will they have nothing more than a promise from a passing and slightly judgmental pensioner that the next X4 will be along at ten to the hour.

Abergavenny buses
(The way in which public transport used to pimp our ride! Udo Schultz)

If a service is delayed, non-existent, or just unreliable, the timetable board shall serve as both guide and protector - with easy-to-understand sections detailing the service, destination, stand, scheduled time, and expected time.

The terrible dilemma of hanging around indefinitely and being forced to make small talk with random strangers while you wait for a bus that may never arrive will now become a thing of the past.

When one passer-by was asked by the Chronicle what they thought of the new development, they barked, “Couldn’t care less mate. I only come down here for the bacon rolls.”

A suspicious character who appeared to be loitering with intent, near the digital timetable and eyeing us suspiciously as we took photographs of the splendid new piece of kit, snapped in our general direction, “If you’re from the paper, mark my words, this is yet one more change that will lead to the death of the town.”

As we nodded solemnly in diplomatic agreement this appeared to encourage the ‘eternal passenger’ and he began strutting furiously towards us screaming, “Where was the consultation? Where was the vote? Once word gets around about our new fancy pants bus station it could lead to hordes of undesirables flocking to our town just to have a gander. I tell you, If the powers that be had a brain they’d be dangerous!”

Abergavenny Buses
(You wait hours for one and then two appear at the same time! Udo Schultz)