A local couple has received a rare 61st wedding anniversary card from the late Queen just 13 days before her passing writes Lauren Meredith.

After missing the chance to get a diamond wedding anniversary card last year, Malcom and Margaret Hamer’s friend decided ambitiously attempt to get one for them this year and the couple was delighted when they received their 61st wedding anniversary card from the late monarch on August 26.

Margaret said: “My lovely friend said to leave it with her and she would try and get us a card from the Queen.

“She missed our 60th wedding anniversary but we managed to receive a 61st card from the Queen which we thought was quite unusual.”

Malcom added: “We don’t know anyone else with a card from the queen for a 61st wedding anniversary. It’s got to be quite rare.”

The couple believe they could have been one of the last to receive a card from the late Queen as it was so close to her passing.

“It was probably one of the last.” Margaret said.

Both Malcolm - a well known former local boxer - and Margaret were shocked when they heard about the Queen’s passing but grateful to have been able to receive the card from her less than two weeks before.

“It was unbelievable really but I’m glad we have it,” said Margret.

Malcom and Margaret met at the Saturday night dance in Abergavenny Town Hall 64 years ago and have spent the majority of their marriage in Abergavenny.

The card is now on display in the window of their home.