An appeal is going out to residents of Abergavenny to join the fire service.

The brigade is launching a recruitment campaign asking Do you want to #BeMore and better serve your community?

South Wales Fire and Rescue Service are calling for applicants from all walks of life to become On-Call Firefighters in Abergavenny.

At South Wales Fire and Rescue Service On-Call Firefighters come from all walks of life including homemakers, shopkeepers, builders, farmers, officer workers and directors of companies, together with people who are not currently employed.

A spokesperson for the service said: ‘‘The On-Call role is challenging and rewarding with full training provided and no previous experience needed to apply.

‘‘On-Call Firefighters just like those who are full-time, respond to fires and special service calls such as road traffic collisions, chemical emergencies, flooding and other natural disasters. They also play a vital role in informing, preventing and educating local communities in fire safety including carrying out safe and well-being visits.

‘‘Here at South Wales Fire and Rescue we can offer flexible work to fit around study, work and family commitments alongside first class training and development opportunities and a chance to make a real difference. The role of an On-Call Firefighter is extremely rewarding and provides you with a sense of belonging and the opportunity to make a real difference.’’

Every Wednesday evening from 6:30pm to 8:30pm, crews at Abergavenny run a training session known as a ‘Drill Night’.

If anyone is interested in the role, it’s a great opportunity to meet with crews on Station and get a taste of the type of work involved.

On-Call Firefighters must live or work in the local community of the Station they’re responding to. Every On-Call Firefighter carries an ‘alerter’ at all times whilst on duty, so they can respond when required, within a set time of a call.

They can respond from their home during leisure time or, in some cases, from their place of work if their employer permits.

Although no previous experience is required for the role, candidates must be a minimum of 17 years and six months of age on the date of application and a minimum of 18 years of age on the first day of the Firefighter Training Course to be eligible to apply.

“It’s an opportunity to make a huge difference to your life, and get involved with things you wouldn’t do without joining – it’s so diverse.

‘‘You could be fitting a smoke detector one day, attending a chemical incident the next and on a school visit the following day, every day is different.

‘‘It will change you as a person. With you, we can better serve our communities.”

For more information, please visit the On-Call Firefighters page - visit