LABOUR has stepped up its war on motorists with Wales’ new blanket 20mph speed limit and won’t be happy until everyone is travelling by horse and cart, a leading MP has said.

 David Davies accused First Minister Mark Drakeford and Deputy Climate Change Minister Lee Waters of bringing Wales to a “standstill” with their “anti-car” agenda.

The Monmouth MP and Welsh Secretary said the policy was merely a “test case” of Sir Kier Starmer’s blueprint for government across the UK if Labour wins the next general election.

It comes as more than one in ten of the Welsh population has signed a petition - the largest in the history of devolution – calling for the 20mph scheme to be axed, with growing anger over the rules.

Mr Davies said it was “hard to think of a more pointed message” to the Labour Welsh Government.

He said: “The people of Wales are speaking with one voice. They want Labour to scrap its absurd 20mph blanket limit that it has unilaterally imposed. 

“Yet Labour’s continued refusal to listen highlights the party’s arrogance.

“If you want to see what life is like under a Labour government, come to Wales. But make sure you put aside plenty of time because it will take you a lot longer to travel around.

 “I have always made it clear that I am not opposed to reduced speed limits outside schools, playgrounds, high streets and other busy pedestrian areas. However, a blanket 20mph roll-out is absurd.

 “It is sending a message to investors that the government here in Wales is anti-car. Ministers in Cardiff Bay are not supporting the bus services either, they are blocking all new roads from being built and they want to bring in charges for using the M4.

“This ongoing war against motorists will not stop until we are all forced to travel by horse and cart.”

The Welsh Government has pressed ahead with reducing the speed limit from 30mph to 20mph despite its own impact assessment warning it could cost the economy billions of pounds. 

“People have been left confused by this, which is only adding to the anger,” added Mr Davies.

“It is not going to reduce emissions or tackle climate change as people are just going to be sat longer in their vehicles trying to get from A to B in urban areas.

“Only a minute will be added to journey times on average, according to Welsh Government calculations. It’s complete nonsense. I drove through Cardiff last week and it took far longer than an extra minute.

“What we do know is this is going to cost a huge amount of money - £4.5bn over the next 30 years or around £150m a year.

“Look no further than Wales for what Labour looks like in power. 30,000 people are stuck on an NHS waiting list for over two years and children are suffering from the worst literacy and numeracy skills in Britain. According to Sir Keir Starmer, this is a blueprint to be replicated across the UK.”

Mr Davies is urging people to oppose the new 20mph law by signing and sharing the petition. It can be found here: