A zero-waste shop in Crickhowell has experienced a boom in customer numbers, with turnover and footfall in the shop increasing by 50 per cent in just under five years.

Natural Weigh was the first zero-waste refill shop to open in Wales in March 2018, introducing a more sustainable approach to buying essential food items to the people of Crickhowell. Since then, zero waste shops have opened across Wales.

Zero waste refill shops offer people the chance to purchase the volume they need for their family in reusable, recycled containers. This reduces food and plastic packaging waste as well as costs.  

Founder of Natural Weigh, Robin Masefield said: “Most people have welcomed the concept and love being able to simply buy the quantities they need, avoiding unnecessary food waste.

“The business is really booming now as well, and our customer base has doubled in five years, despite challenging periods, such as the pandemic. We have also increased the line of products we offer from 400 to 600 based on feedback from our customers. Responding to customer demand has been key to surviving during the last few challenging years.”

“I think people are moving towards a more sustainable way of shopping, as it can be cheaper, more convenient and avoids the purchasing of unnecessary food.” 

Natural Weigh doesn’t only sell products in bulk dispensers, they also source local products, where possible, to reduce food miles and support local producers. 

Julie James, Climate Change Minister said: “In Wales we aim to halve our avoidable food waste by 2025.  To do this, we all need to work together, buying only the food we need, using up any leftovers and if it can’t be eaten then making sure we compost or recycle it.

“If we all make changes to the way to shop and what we buy we can make a real difference together.”

The Welsh Government is introducing a new law for workplaces to recycle from April and has recently placed a ban on eight types of single use plastic. It is working with organisations to reduce the amount of plastic going into landfill.