Be the Sunshine!

I recently read this quote and thought I would share it with you, ‘when you can’t find the sunshine, be the sunshine’ isn’t that lovely?

As April drew to close the rain kept coming, it seemed to me like we hardly went a full twenty-four hours without some raindrops falling on our head. It grew tiresome, as the air remained on most days chilly and the sky seemed constantly grey. I am full of hope that May will do what it is supposed to do, that every morning we will wake up to the sunshine streaming in, to the dawn chorus lifting our spirits as we hop out of bed and the longer evenings will indeed be filled with warmth enough to sit outside to enjoy the going down of the sun.

If, however, just by looking at our actions every day there are ways we can be the sunshine. Here are the some of things we can all do that can indeed enhance a gloomy day for us and others that we meet on our path:

Smile – lately I have noticed more and more that smiles don’t just come from the area of the mouth but from the eyes. When out and about I urge you to smile as you go about your daily life. Smile at the person behind the till in the shop, smile at the person you meet in the street (yours could be the only 1-1 smile they see all day), smile when you are on the phone (however difficult this may be after pressing numerous numbers to get you through to the right department), A smile really can lift not just the day of the person you meet but your own energy too.

Be considerate – often you may be in a situation that for you is following a bad experience, a disagreement etc. or you may feel just a little under par as your day hasn’t started well, it is at these times we need to consider how we are coming across to others. We can indeed be less tolerable of others, be snappier, or just expose our mood to the world however remember it is not the other persons fault that you got of bed the wrong side as they say, so consideration of not placing your mood onto others is certainly a way of ensuring that their day isn’t ruined by yours.

Laugh – they say a sense of humour is one of the most attractive attributes we have and if you can find a way to help others to laugh you will ensure whatever the situation is it will be lightened if you can sometimes find a chink of light and laughter within it.

Be kind – this is the motto I live my life by, my parents taught me that if you can’t say or do anything kind say or do nothing at all. To me kindness outweighs everything, by being kind to both yourself and others will indeed help you become the sunshine for all and reap the benefits.

So, by utilising these tools to take care of yourself and those you meet you can turn what may indeed be a grey day into a sunshiny one. Always remember take some time out to be the sunshine and embrace the warmth unfolds around you. Some days it may be harder than others however try your best and that is indeed all we can do