I want to begin this week by wishing Mark Drakeford all the best as he begins his first week as a back bench MS away from the limelight. 


While he and I disagree on many issues I have never once doubted his commitment and dedication to Wales, and I wish him well. 


I want to also wish the new First Minister, Vaughan Gething the very best. I hope his leadership will bring a fresh and improved focus on the real needs of the people of Wales. 


I genuinely hope he listens to the people, businesses and organisations across Wales and takes on board their views and priorities. 


This new First Minister has an opportunity to recast the governance of Wales, scrapping, or re-thinking many of the current projects that hold the economy and public services back, but I fear he may not take it, but I live in hope.


His recently announced cabinet includes many of his predecessor’s ministers, implying that his policies will simply provide more of the same. 


The job to reverse a quarter of a century of Labour’s mismanagement here in Wales will not be an easy one for the First Minister, especially considering the high NHS waiting lists, low weekly wages, poor educational outcomes and a rural community in despair, so I hope he is up for the job. 


This is a time for a reset and a deep assessment of the current trajectory of Wales. 


We also need the First Minister to be focused on the Welsh economy, to provide more support for businesses, especially those in the retail, leisure and hospitality sector whose businesses are under ever increasing pressure. 


Every week we see news of another restaurant or pub going under as a result of incredibly high business rates and reduced government support.


The First Minister must also listen to our farmers and work with the industry to find a sustainable way forward rather than force them to adopt policies that will have a huge negative impact on their businesses. 


Finally, the First Minister has a chance to abolish many of the deeply unpopular policies currently in force here in Wales, from their focus on constitutional reform and increasing the number of politicians in Cardiff Bay to the default 20mph speed limit. 


Whatever the First Minister’s decision, I will continue to ensure the voices of the people of Monmouthshire are heard in the Senedd and that poor policies are held to account.