AS you read this, Members of the Senedd will have voted on whether to approve or block my Food (Wales) Bill.

Before I proceed, allow me to remind you why Wales is in desperate need of the bill’s content.

Put simply, the objective behind my Bill is to build a framework that enables a coherent, consistent and strategic cross-societal approach to policy and practice on all aspects of Wales’ food system.

With the principles of resilience, sustainability and equality at its heart, this Bill looks to put the Welsh food system onto a healthier footing, to ensure that Wales is firmly placed in the driving seat of progressive policy-making by joining up the different parts of our complex food system.

Because, at present, responsibility for food policy is scattered right across Welsh Government Ministerial portfolios, meaning different Ministers are doing different things in different parts of the food system–and it’s clear that there needs to be a more accountable framework for food policy.

Stakeholders from across Wales have worked collaboratively with me to bring forward this draft legislation that will address societal problems, including diabetes and obesity.

What I have stressed to the Senedd is that the Bill’s principles should be supported, and I truly believe that all politicians, regardless of political allegiance, can back it.

Unfortunately, as I write this, the Labour-run Welsh Government is set to vote against it.

Nonetheless, I am hopeful that opposition parties will stop playing party politics and instead embrace an initiative that will undoubtedly help the whole of society. I am thankful for the support from Plaid Cymru.

If Labour and the Liberal Democrats decide to vote it down, it will be future generations that will suffer the consequences.