For rural constituencies, like Monmouthshire, many residents are fully reliant on good and reliable public transport to get them from A to B.

One of the most common methods of public transportation is buses.

Without decent public transport in rural vicinities many people, including the elderly and most vulnerable who undoubtedly rely on these services most of all, would be cut off from their daily lives.

That dreadful scenario must be avoided at all costs.

I’ve decided to dedicate my column this week on this subject, after the Labour-run Welsh Government announced it would withdraw funding from buses (which had been introduced during the pandemic to keep the industry afloat).

The £150-million funding was essential because it, firstly, prevented companies from collapsing and, secondly, continues to allow the bus industry to maintain key routes in rural areas post-COVID.

But this bold initiative now risks unravelling, should the Welsh Government plough ahead with its intention to make the financial cut.

The Welsh Government’s announcement comes, despite the industry body Coach and Bus Operators Cymru, which represents small bus firms, warning that between 65% to 100% of services could be axed, if the financial cuts are made.

That would be an utterly disastrous outcome.

The Welsh Government’s move also raises serious long-term questions over its ambitious aim of reaching net-zero by 2030.

The only way of achieving the net-zero goal– which I fully support – is to ensure there is robust infrastructure in place.

But by making huge financial cuts, how will it help Welsh Government Ministers reach their goal?

The cut certainly does not tally up with supporting more vehicles transitioning to greener and renewable energy-powered ones.

It also does not encourage more people to opt to use public transport because key routes and, indeed, many buses, could disappear.

I am afraid that the move is short-sighted and is certainly in desperate need of a re-think.

Ultimately, to continue our efforts to tackle climate change, it is vital that our public transportation system is enhanced throughout Wales.

Therefore, I urge Welsh Government Ministers to re-think their plan.