WHAT is wrong with the town council? Have they not heard the expression “If it ain’t broke don’t fix it”.

Whose idea was it to build a cattle grid in Castle Meadows? Our lovely placid Welsh black cattle have never shown any inclination to escape from the Meadows and in fact the only way they could escape is through the far gate near the bridge and roundabout (which the farmer obviously keeps locked).

The consequence of their vanity project is that a much loved family pet died after getting entangled in the cattle grid.

Also what is going on Park Road? Maybe we do need a proper bus bay but do the contractors really have to block off the whole footpath behind Tesco’s.

That’s another accident waiting to happen because pedestrians wanting to visit Tesco’s from Pen-y-pound and Bailey park have to make a massive detour and the more impatient will be tempted just to walk along the road by the orange barrier.

Also the footpath to the pelican crossing is still open on the other side so you end up looking longingly across to where you want to go but can’t! ...and then you have to cross three roads and go all the way to the kebab shop when all you wanted was to get a pint of milk! It will be a lot more serious if a human is killed or injured, AND could they just get a move on!

If there has to be that much disruption and inconvenience surely they are under an obligation to keep it to a minimum and get the work done as quickly as possible. Some days there doesn’t seem to be any work going on at all.

While I’m still on my high horse why did they have to prune the shrubs by the cinema so viciously thus depriving numerous sparrows of a home just before the nesting season. Don’t they know bird numbers are in decline - yes even sparrows.

Never mind saving the bees if we can’t save the birds as well we’re screwed!

- Name and address withheld