FOLLOWING the death of a dog on the trial cattle grid at Castle Meadows, so soon after its installation, some people are using this very sad event as an opportunity to campaign against MCC’s proposed plans to improve pedestrian and wheeled connectivity across Castle Meadows (Postbag, 17 May 2023).

I urge MCC to ignore any negative feedback about the broader proposals and to focus on the facts relating directly to the cattle grid. These Active Travel routes, in conjunction with the planned pedestrian bridge, will improve access to our beautiful meadows, quality of life, and connectivity for many residents on both sides of the Usk, and hugely reduce the possibility of human injury on the narrow road bridge and its approaches.

Of course it could also reduce car traffic in and around town if more people feel comfortable walking, cycling, mobility-scootering, or roller- skating across the river.

It is clear that a suitable style of cattle grid (or an alternative entry system that meets Active Travel standards) should be sought, but we shouldn’t allow this accident to derail MCC’s civilised, progressive and popular plans.

- Sam C, Abergavenny