Winter is coming!

The classic Welsh weather returns in full force, as News today warns that temperatures are set to drop, extreme wind to pick up and fog are to come this week.

People are being cautioned about driving in these horrendous conditions with car insurance expert at, Alex Kindred, commenting, “Some motorists might avoid driving in bad or extreme weather conditions, but it can’t always be avoided. The weather might turn while motorists are already on the road, or circumstances might mean they have to drive regardless. However, there are steps all drivers can take to stay safe in rain, wind or foggy weather.”

She went on to offer some tips that may be helpful, “If the weather is bad before setting off, there’s a few things drivers can do to prepare:

· Make sure windscreen is clear

· Test the wipers

· Test the brakes

“When driving on the road itself, drivers should be aware of potential deep water and avoid driving on things such as wet leaves. Wet and slippery surfaces can be dangerous, especially when travelling at high speeds. It’s recommended to reduce speed to ensure better control of the vehicle in these circumstances. Our guide on driving in heavy rain and winds gives useful tips and advice for motorists.”

Keep safe everyone!