The owners of a well known Govilon atrraction known locally as the ‘Christmas House’, considered shutting down their festive light display this year after only receiving seven visitors.

Darren Lucas and his family have been lighting up their house for 30 years and raising money for charity through visitors coming to look at their display.

It’s a lengthy process with planning beginning 11 months in advance including planting trees in their garden.

This year, the family was left concerned about how much money would be raised for this years selection of charities, Mind, Cat Protection and The League of Friends due to the drop in visitors in comparison to the previous year.

Darren said: “We’ve always had an amazing following but just this year nobody has been.

“We don’t know why - we didn’t finish it until the second week of December so perhaps the delay caused it.

“We are self-funded, we do it all ourselves, that’s what we do. We just love it.”

In the previous four years the family have raised £20,000 for different charities by putting on their display.

They would usually fill 20-30 tins full of cash but they were sadly still filling up their first tin a few days before Christmas.

Although they considered shutting it down, vistors numbers did eventually picks up and now Darren and his family hope to see more people arriving next year.

Darren added: “We will never give up, we are so passionate about it.”