A self-styled ghost whisperer who spent an evening in the Skirrid Inn near Abergavenny this spooky season claims it is the most haunted pub he’s been to in the UK.

Tony Ferguson from New Forest has been ghost hunting in different haunted locations for 20 years but began documenting his findings six years ago but what he experienced in the Abergavenny pub stood out from the rest.

Tony said: “I go to many haunted places all over the UK to document whether there’s any truth in the hauntings.

“And now I believe the Skirrid Inn is one of the most haunted places in the UK.”

“We’ve been the the Skirrid before and caught some interesting stuff but this time the lovely owners Geoff and Sharon Fiddler very kindly gave me and fellow investigator Beverley Ferguson access to the whole location to ourselves.

“ We initially called out for Fannie Price a previous landlady of the Inn and were not disappointed when we received numerous responses from her throughout the night which were caught on camera,” said Tony

“We set up a static camera in many of the rooms, however in Room 1 the camera was knocked over, a male voice can be heard saying “get out” and then whilst the camera is still facing down you can hear and see it being moved, and you can also hear a male voice saying “Fannie”

“You can can clearly hear me and Bev in another room talking and setting up other equipment for the night.

“In the bathroom of Room 1 where a lady was held down and felt like she was being drown, my name was called out by a female voice. The whole experience in the bathroom of Room 1 was not very nice.

“Room one and two were the most horrific I must admit.

“I did not like the vibe in there at all.

“A lot of the disembodied voices we caught were in room one where apparently a lady may have committed suicide.

Most of the unexplainable events Tony witnessed were caught on cameras he had set up around the pub.

Tony said: “I like to go to haunted locations and try and debunk stuff because obviously a lot of it can be explained.

“I have experienced a lot at the Skirrid Inn and everything we caught; I just can’t explain.

“It’s an old building but some of the banging noises didn’t make sense.

“We heard footsteps upstairs but we were locked in alone.”

Tony only spent between three and four hours at the pub but managed to capture a lot of paranormal activity, more than he would have captured overnight in other locations.

Tony said: “It was almost like in room one they didn’t want us filming at all because we heard someone saying get out, go and leave.”

The activity captured in room one and two made the experienced ghost hunter feel uneasy.

“My name was called out in the bathroom of room one; I heard a female say Tony,” he said.

“In that bathroom I just felt dread and I didn’t trust what was in there.

“Room two was another area where I just felt like something wasn’t very nice in there.

“These turned out to be the rooms where I captured the voices asking me to ‘get out’ so the feeling matched up with that.

“Going to different haunted places you tend to get to know the feelings of good vibes and bad vibes.

“The vibe didn’t feel right and there’s usually a reason for that and the camera picked that up.”