Parents in Monmouthshire will soon be able to track their child’s school journey thanks to a new ‘School Bus Tracker’ app being promoted by the county council.

Being a mobile application which connects parents with their child’s school transport system, the ‘School Bus Tracker’ app informs and notifies arrival times and delays, by providing real-time location of school transport.

This allows schools to manage and control any transport situation efficiently, as well as giving parents peace of mind of where their child is.

Using GPS tracking technology, the app enables parents and school administrators to monitor the children’s school bus journey on home to school transport.

The app will be free for parents to download, and upon registering they will be sent login details via email which will enable students to scan a QR code when entering the school’s vehicle.

When scanned, this will then notify and update parents of their child’s journey.

The driver’s app will also allow the driver to communicate any delays or emergency situations, meaning a real-time connection between the bus and the transport operator providing a secure mobile communications channel.

Councillor Martyn Groucutt, (pictured) cabinet member for education, said: “This fantastic app will help parents plan ahead while also having update information on their child’s school bus journey.

‘’I’m delighted to see the introduction of such innovative technology in Monmouthshire.”

The app aims to be introduced to all schools in Monmouthshire in September, benefitting the council as well as parents.

The ‘School Bus Tracker’ app will help Monmouthshire County Council plan and operate more efficient transport needs by using the app’s reporting and transport data.

For more information, see the app’s website: SchoolBusTracker (