In conjunction with Crickhowell Volunteer Bureau a new ‘Automated External Defibrillator’ was commissioned by Crickhowell Rotary Club and installed outside the Crickhowell Police Station last month.

Crickhowell Volunteer Bureau has purchased and maintains twelve defibrillators through their youth led HI-Society Project which has been successfully running for the past eight years, these machines are located around Crickhowell and surrounding villages.

This project is ongoing and further defibrillators will continue to be fundraised and purchased by local young volunteers for the local community.

Current survival rates from cardiac arrest in the UK is 6 per cent without defibrillation and the chance of survival diminishes with every minute of delay. If defibrillation is achieved quickly even after four minutes the casualty’s chances of recovery is improved by over 50 per cent.

Kerry Crosfield of Crickhowell Volunteer Bureau pointed out that “an AED is an easy to operate portable unit and prompt use of an AED could save their life”.

Hywel Bevan of Crickhowell Rotary Club added “Given the more remote locations of A&E departments and pressures on emergency and NHS services generally the availability of more such equipment in our communities is vital”.

Geoff Davies pictured presenting the equipment added: “That this was a prime example of the positive effect the Club’s Duck Race fundraising event has on the health of our community”.