THE petition to install swing gates in Castle Meadows as opposed to the 10 cyclist-cattle-girds proposed in the Transport for Wales, Active Travel, and MCC scheme has gained momentum this week.

Visitors to Abergavenny Town Centre and Castles Meadows on the weekend took time out from worshipping the rare glimpse of sun and marvelling at just how polluted the River Usk has become to sign a petition in favour of self-closing swing gates.

With a total of 699 handwritten responses and 324 online signatures, the petition has now exceeded 1000 entries and a detailed report will now be presented to MCC members, The Senedd, Active Travel, and Transport For Wales.

Cows have been a regular sight in the Castle Meadows for centuries, and there has never been an issue with the bovine brigade escaping the Meadows to run riot in the town. Protesters argue that swing gates can and will continue to suffice.

However, last year, MCC in their wisdom decided to install a test grid. This ended in tragedy two days later when a dog became caught in the grid, broke her neck, and died.

The site of the old Cattle Grid!
(The site of the old cattle grid! Tindle News )

Since then hundreds have lent their voices to the many demanding that the council scrap proposals for more cattle grids in the Meadows.

It is argued that cattle grids create an unjustifiable risk to dogs, children, and cyclists.

A spokesperson for Abergavenny Action Group explained, “The cattle grids are not for the cows, it is quite simply a guideline policy of Transport For Wales. The vast majority of people in Abergavenny are happy to see a new bridge at Llanfoist, but these proposals to install cattle grids do not take into account the demographics of the day-to-day users of the Meadows. Cattle grids are for the occasional commuter cyclist who does not wish to spend 30 seconds extra at a gate. This increases the risk to the majority of people using the Meadows.”

It has been stressed that alternately swing gates, such as the one already in use by the Castle entrance to the Meadows provide zero risk. So if it’s not broken, why fix it?

Petition in Castle Meadows!
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