Crickhowell Town Council is looking to support local non-profit organisations in the town.

The maximum one-off £500 grants are available to eligible community groups within Crickhowell only.

Orgnanisations have to be based in the community of Crickhowell, and will need to demonstrate appropriate match-funding to help deliver their priorities to, after being published, the wider Place Plan objectives.

The town council is giving priority to those groups who have not previously applied for the grant.

The council note that they will not normally issue another potential £500 grant to groups whose last successful grant application was made within the prior three years.

Due to grants being generally aimed at specific one-off projects, if eligible groups within the community are looking for further support for an event that may be recurring, the town council have advised those groups to contact them for information relating to other forms of support.

Cllr Michael Goodman said: “At Crickhowell Town Council we are very proud of our grants scheme and to offer it to non-profit organisations in the area. We encourage any group who fits the criteria to get in contact and to put an application in, or even if you are just thinking of submitting something, do please reach out, we can help guide you through the process.

“Our top tip for potential applicants would be to try and be as specific as possible about what you need the grant for, as we frequently turn down applications for projects that, whilst very worthwhile, are quite broad and vague. Ultimately, we’re here to help.

“In the past year alone we have given out grants to the Welsh Air Ambulance, Crickhowell Allotment Society, Crickhowell and District Players, the Archive Society, Cancer Research, St. David’s Foundation, the Clarence Hall, the Rotary Club of Crickhowell, Living with Dementia, Crickhowell Football Club, and Crickhowell Rugby Club.

“We consider our ability to give out grants one of the most important functions of Crickhowell Town Council and we love being able to materially help organisations achieve their aims and goals.”

The application deadlines can be found on the Crickhowell Town Council website.