As we approach the General Election it’s clear there are many things that people are unclear about. On the door many times people have said ‘Peter we really don’t know what to do, we are not happy with any of the parties’.

It’s a fair challenge as all parties have got their issues and contentious points. Be it the raciest and hateful comments made by one party, to the recent accusations of bet placing by another and the fear that another party is not being honest about its policies.

All these things breed mistrust of politicians which is understandable but sad. As a public servant of nearly thirty years myself the Nolan Principles of public life have been my fundamental guide and should be adhered to by anyone involved in public life.

It’s clear politicians of all colours have much work to do to rebuild trust in our politics. We have to because politics is fundamental to our democracy, and this mustn’t be forgotten. For all of our political system’s faults, and there are many, where would we be as a society without it?

So the job for people like me is to help rebuild that trust and demonstrate by our actions that the vast majority of us who pursue this vocation do it because we genuinely believe in doing the best we can for society and the people we serve.

At this election period it’s too easy for some to say “I’m not voting, none of them are any good” that’s a cop out. If people want to influence what happens around them they should use their vote it is a very powerful and valuable right that we all have.

So I encourage all those reading this column who might be thinking of not voting this Thursday please think again and use your democratic right and go out and vote.