We finally have the chance to tell the Tories their time is up on July 4th. After years of campaigning and speaking to residents, businesses and charities in Monmouthshire, it is clear that no one has got off lightly from the Conservative mismanagement of our economy. Mortgages, energy bills, the food shop - everything is so expensive. And taxes are at a 70-year high. Trussell Trust food bank use is at a record high, double from just five years ago, and millions of families are forced to skip meals, while Rishi Sunak has personally become richer than the King. Our party has changed. I am proud to represent a UK Labour Party, which is now back in the service of working people. But it is the Conservatives that haven't learned any lessons after 14 years in power. They are ploughing ahead with a Liz Truss-style £46 million unfunded plan to abolish national insurance. How will Britain turn a corner with the people who drove us to a dead end in the first place? The only way to turn the page on this decline is by voting for change at this General Election. The Labour Party will deliver the economic stability that can underpin keeping taxes, inflation and mortgages low while finally getting growth back into our economy. We will raise £2.6 billion over the course of the next Parliament by closing the loopholes in Rishi Sunak's non-dom plan. We will switch on Great British Energy, a publicly-owned clean power company, as part of our Green Prosperity Plan, which will create jobs here in Wales, ensure energy independence, and keep your energy bills down for good. We will also put more neighbourhood police and PCSOs on the streets. If the Tories get five more years, nothing will change. There's a clear choice at this election: more chaos with the Tories or stability with Labour. More decline and division with Rishi Sunak, or hope and unity with Keir Starmer. We have a long-term, serious plan to change Britain. We must stop the chaos, turn the page, and start rebuilding our beautiful country.