Congratulations to Jane Mudd, our first woman Police and Crime Commissioner for Gwent. Thank you to everyone who braved the weather to vote. Whether you voted Labour or not, I know Jane will work hard for all of us.  

Across the border, Labour has yielded some fantastic results: 10 more Police and Crime Commissioners, 10 of 11 metro mayors, 1158 councillors, and 51 councils, including the home of the British Army, Aldershot in Rushmoor borough council. 

In 2023, the Conservatives lost over 1,000 council seats, and last week, this trend continued, with 474 more lost. Voters in England are sending a clear message to Rishi Sunak: fed up with the cost-of-living crisis and Tory division they are ready for hope and change with Labour. It’s time for a general election.

Closer to home, I visited Tri-Wall, a packaging company that employs 80 people in Monmouth. I thoroughly enjoyed my tour and meeting workers. I also had the pleasure of visiting Cross Ash village hall. I shared happy memories of helping out when my boys were in playgroup there. I also visited Ready Steady Go, a club for children with autism. They are doing incredible things including fundraising for specialist sensory equipment and need to raise £8,000 for an interactive projector and bubble tubes, so please donate if you can.