AN AMBITIOUS plan to establish a war memorial in the heart of a Monmouthshire village has been unveiled to the public.

Since 2020, the War Memorial Working Committee has worked tirelessly to secure a commemoration to remember all those who made the ultimate sacrifice for the Penperlleni village.

And now, details of the memorial—a four-sided obelisk—have been unveiled to the public, as well as to both the Member of Parliament for Monmouth, David TC Davies, and the Member of the Senedd for Monmouth, Peter Fox.

Mike Jones, who is the chairman of the War Memorial Working Committee, said:

“I decided to spearhead this initiative because all of our war memorials, in this area at least, are in churches which are sadly closing, meaning the memorials will become lost.

“Therefore, it was decided amongst us residents that we would form a small group to obtain a permanent War Memorial for the Goytre Fawr area. I took the lead and we began our meetings back in 2020.

“Our efforts mean that those who made the ultimate sacrifice will never be forgotten.”

Davies TC Davies, the Member of Parliament, echoed similar remarks, saying:

“It was fantastic to be invited by Mike and other committee members to see with my own eyes the much hoped for war memorial.

“It was abundantly clear that significant work has gone into this project and it has my full backing.

“The war memorial will safeguard the memory and gallantry of so many from this area for many generations to come.”

And Peter Fox, the Member of Senedd for Monmouth, added:

“I commend Mike and all those involved in bringing forward this excellent community concept which will allow future generations to remember all those who fought to secure our freedom.

“The extensive research which the committee has also put in to document the names of all those who made the ultimate sacrifice is remarkable.

“I will support the committee in any way I can.”

The plan for the war memorial can be seen at Goytre Fawr Village Hall.

The next stage will now see Mr Jones present the plan to the Community Council.